Appraisals - Asset Management

Machinery Management LLC offers a full range of services for banks, leasing companies and manufacturers to effectively maximize the value of returned, repossessed, or idle manufacturing equipment. We offer cash purchase plans, liquidations and consignments along with a modern, full service showroom facility designed for equipment demonstrations. Our plans are customized for each individual client's cash flow, floor space and time frame requirements.

Maximize the value of your asset and realize the greatest return by using Machinery Managements experience and expertise in manufacturing equipment. Sell it from the current site or move it to our new 18,000 sq ft facility. We can assure a commercially reasonable sales process and positive results.

Asset Acquisition Coordination
Our experience in properly preparing to ship, loading, and shipping machine tools world wide minimizes the potential for damages in moving assets. Our contacts in the machine tool industry insure a qualified contractor will be engaged to complete the assignment in a timely and cost efficient manner.

Certified Appraisals on a single machine or an entire plant. Combine a company with 50 years of combined machine tool experience and certification by the Equipment Appraisers Association of North America we can supply you with a knowledgeable and accurate value of all of your manufacturing assets.

Need to verify an asset or just want to let the lessee know you know? Have Machinery Management inspect your equipment. End of lease inspections help eliminate end of lease problems that are not in compliance with maintenance provisions in a lease. We recommend an inspection 90 to 120 days prior to lease termination date.

Front End Valuation Assistance
Not sure of a machine that your sales team wants to have you finance. Call us for input. Find out what options have value. Are there add on items that have no value to the secondary market? Will the builder still be there when your machine comes off lease?

Our marketing expertise can be effectively implemented for one machine or an entire plant. An effective world wide marketing campaign implemented by machine tool professionals who know what you have and how it works.

We are experienced in the coordination of all the necessary parties to effect repossession.

Expert Testimony
We have experience in testifying in Federal Court. Call us to see if our experience and credentials can help you.